Chapter 1849

Daisie pursed her lips as her eyes turned bloodshot. Maisie wiped the corners of her eyes lightly with her fingertips. “Daisie, it’s not that your father denies Nollace’s strength. He’s giving him the chance to perform only because he has high expectations for him.” Daisie lowered her gaze and smiled. “I understand that now. Thank you, Mom.” “Aren’t you tired from the flight? You should have a good rest first. I’ll leave you alone now.” Maisie left the bedroom upon saying that. She closed the door and turned around, only to see Nolan leaning against the wall waiting for her. Maisie walked toward him. “Are you eavesdropping on my conversation with our daughter?” Nolan turned his face away and complained a little emotionally, “You start to ignore me as soon as our daughter comes back.” She smiled and pulled his tie. “Who are you talking about?” He replied instantly, “You.” “Nolan, the older you get, the more childish you become.” Maisie approached him. “It seems that you need to

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