Chapter 1850

A good artist, as long as they could put out masterpieces and keep their relevance, would be popular in any entertainment agency, even if they changed from one agency to another. After all, deals were all made because of the benefits that came along. Daisie was about to sign the contract, but that was when she remembered something and asked all of a sudden, “Can I name a request?” The chairman paused and nodded. “No problem, as long as it’s reasonable and compliant.” She named her request without any hesitation. “I want to have the final say when it comes to choosing the script that I’ll get in the future.” The chairman originally thought that she would make a list of some difficult requests, so he did not expect it to be such a matter. Thus, he agreed to it readily, even without thinking about it. At noon, the secretary brought Daisie to see the manager. Daisie followed the secretary along the corridor, looking around. They kept all the famous films, television posters, and a g

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