Chapter 1855

Daisie snapped back, immediately said yes, and quickly walked into the elevator. When she got back to her space, someone was there. The person standing in front of the window looked foreign yet familiar until he turned around. Daisie was shocked. “Godfather?” Helios had stubbles and seemed more mature but still looked charming. He walked over to the couch and said, “I heard your dad say that you’re here. He wanted me to get you a manager, but you’ve already found Charlie.” Daisie sat down too. “He worries too much.” He poured a cup of tea and smiled. “How could he not worry? He was only alright because you were working with me, but now that you’re older and have to deal with everything alone, it won’t be as comfortable as when you’re at home.” Daisie looked down. “I’ve mentally prepared myself for that.” She couldn’t back down after taking this route. He saw the script that she was holding and narrowed his eyes. “Charlie made you audition for Benny’s new movie?” Daisie paused,

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