Chapter 1868

Daisie had zest and determination and was quite good at acting. Even her family background couldn’t compare. Amy had gotten to where she was because of her willingness to get down and dirty, but Daisie didn’t have to go through all that and still could get what she wanted. However, Daisie was hardworking, so it was impossible for Amy not to worry. Any left the office and returned to her room when another actress barged in with a smile. “Ames!” Amy turned to see her. “Yes?” “Don’t worry about Daisie. Even if she got the lead character, she’s being brutally attacked. I’m very sure that she’s probably hiding somewhere, crying her eyes out.” Amy froze, then said, “She’s not as weak as you think.” “So what? The crew did treat her nicer. She doesn’t even want to clarify things now. I’m sure it’s because she’s guilty.” Amy looked at her and asked, “How do you know so much about the crew?” The actress walked to her and said, “Because I can’t stand her, so I asked someone in the crew f

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