Chapter 1869

’Did Nollace see it too?’ Nollace had always been busy, so Daisie would feel guilty if he was worried about her. Freyja knew what she was worried about, so she chuckled. “Don’t worry. It’s not in the news. I saw it on Twitter. That workaholic probably doesn’t spend a lot of time there.” Daisie let out a sigh of relief. “I hope he doesn’t see it because I don’t want it to affect him.” “Daisie…” Freyja wanted to speak but stopped. Daisie could tell that she had more to say and asked, “What’s wrong?” “You said you wanted me to become your assistant. Doesn’t that still stand?” Daisie continued after a long pause. “Are you sure?” She smiled. “If you invite me, I will consider it. If I join the entertainment industry, I won’t have time to write, so it’s better for me to be an assistant. You might become the lead in my work.” “Sure, it’s decided then. I’ll reserve the position of my personal assistant for you.” After they ended the call, Freyja sent her college withdrawal letter.

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