Chapter 1876

Amy congratulated her from the bottom of her heart. “Congratulations, you really did it.” Hannah pouted. “I’ve lost. I’ll do as promised. Please wait here.” She walked up to the reporters and announced, “Guys, I have something to say. I was jealous of Daisie and resented her three years ago, and it was my fault for maliciously defaming her back then. So I wish to apologize to her in front of the public today.” She then turned to face Daisie and bowed. “I’m sorry about that. I’ll terminate my contract with Tenet immediately.” All the reporters present were taking pictures of the scene, and the flashlights did not stop for a minute straight. Daisie walked up to her, helped her up, and said in a volume that only she could hear, “After you terminate your contract with Tenet, I’ll refer you to Zestar Media.” Hannah was astonished and stared at her. “You...” “You’ve debuted for such a long time. I believe that you’ll definitely get to come back after you go to Zestar.” Hannah cried a

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