Chapter 1877

Daisie parked her car on the roadside and called Freyja until the car door was opened from the outside. Daisie stared at the woman who got into the car and sat in the front passenger seat. “You...” “I’ve only changed my hairstyle, and you already can’t recognize me?” Freyja took off her sunglasses. Daisie smiled instantly. “You actually got your hair permed?” Now that she had the chance to take a better look at her, the curly hair suited Freyja more than the black, long, and straight hair that she used to have. It was not an exaggerated curl, but it gave off a gentle, mature, and wild temperament. The car drove slowly on the road, and Daisie chatted about a lot of things with her. During this period, there were times when she deliberately brought up Colton and realized that Freyja’s expression would freeze and that she would look away. “Really? Did he take over the company? Good for him.” Daisie glanced at her. “Freyja, did something happen to you and Colton?” Her expression was

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