Chapter 1878

Daisie stood on tiptoe and pressed her finger against his lips. “Then you’re to—” The ringtone of her cell phone interrupted her unfinished sentence. Daisie picked up the call and saw that it was Freyja, who was calling her, so she swiped the screen and answered it. However, what came from the other end of the call was Freyja’s screeches. “Daisie, help—“ The call was then interrupted. Daisie was astounded because she seemed to have heard Colton’s voice too on the other end of the call. Nollace frowned and seemed to be thinking about something. “It seems that Colton has taken her away.” Daisie pulled him. “Nollace, did something happen between Colton and Freyja?” He squinted and smiled. “It’s difficult for me to explain it to you.” At the hotel… Freyja was pushed into the entryway. She was caught off guard as an approaching figure trapped her in a corner of the room, and his cold aura enveloped her. Colton grabbed her chin, lifted her face, and asked, “After hiding from me for

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