Chapter 188

Quincy walked over and slowly opened his mouth. This stepmother was too cruel. She would ruin Maisie to secure her daughter’s future. With his last breath, Nelson looked up at Nolan, sitting cross-legged on the chair. He looked like the devil straight out from the depths of hell. He had no expression on his face, while his amber eyes were cold and sharp, making him look devilish. Nolan uncrossed his legs into a new sitting position. He leaned forward and looked down at him. “If you admit it, I’ll let you live.” Nelson’s eyes filled with tears as he saw hope. But what Nolan said next took out all the shine in his eyes and only left them with fear. “Break his hands and legs. Spread the word that whoever tries to save him will suffer the same consequences.” Nolan got up and left without looking back. Quincy signaled the men with his eyes and followed Nolan out. Gerald brought his men in to check long after they left. Seeing how terrible Nelson looked, Gerald shuddered.

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