Chapter 189

Maisie suddenly remembered something when she saw Quincy and asked, “Where’s Nolan?” “He went back for a change of clothes. He sent me over.” Quincy smiled. He probably didn’t want to stain his shirt with blood. “Quincy, did I… bite Nolan?” Maisie asked. She remembered that she had bitten someone, and she thought she had heard Nolan’s voice. Quincy smiled. “You remembered—” Maisie looked down. It was true. She continued asking, “Do the children know that I’m in the hospital?” She hadn’t been home for a few days. What would the children think? Quincy answered, “You weren’t stable for the past few days. Nolan covered it up because he didn’t want them to worry.” Maisie nodded. It was true. If Waylon and the others came to see her here and she wounded them, Maisie would feel horrible. “And my father—” “Your father is fine.” Nolan walked in. The doctor and Quincy left, giving them time to be alone. He sat down next to the bed. His handsome face looked tired, but he wa

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