Chapter 190

At the Vanderbilt mansion… A clear, loud slap fell on Leila’s face, putting her in a state of shock. When Stephen found out that Leila was behind Maisie’s abduction, he shook in anger while he barked, “You horrible woman! I’ve never treated either of you badly all these years, but you! How could you do this to Maisie while I’m still breathing!?” Leila trembled with her hand on her cheek. She never expected the plan with Nelson to fail. It was all because of Nolan! There was no point for Leila to explain herself, but she realized that Stephen was furious. “Listen to me, dear—” “What else do you have to say?” Stephen was utterly disappointed in her. “I’ve always thought that you were sincerely nice to Maisie, that you’re a good stepmother, but now I know that I had been too naive.” He finally understood why Maisie wouldn’t accept this mother-and-daughter duo. They were such cruel women, but he… He had sent Maisie away because of them! He had almost caused the end of his daughter

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