Chapter 1901

Mr. Peterson smiled and said, “Learn as much as you can there then. Once you’ve gotten familiar, I’ll let you take over Cloud Capital.” Giselle smiled and looked out the window. “Dad, thanks for introducing me to Mr. Goldmann. I’m happy.” She sounded shy when she said the last part. Gordon paused. “You’re happy?” He guessed what his daughter meant and smiled. “You’re old enough to think about relationships and marriage now. I’ll speak to Mr. Goldmann one day.” Giselle blushed. “Thanks, Dad.” At the filming location… Hannah Salvatore followed Daisie around, trying to learn about acting from her. Hannah used to be so against her in the past, yet she stuck around like a lost kitten now. That was such a drastic difference. “Daisie, I got to take advantage of Susan thanks to you.” Hannah had been checking Twitter religiously. The argument between Mitchell Santos and Susan Hotch was out of control. Even though Zestar had chosen to keep Mitchell around, he was no longer their focu

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