Chapter 1902

Maisie looked at Freyja, who was standing not too far away. “You said you were going to bring her to see me, but I think you’ve forgotten about me.” Daisie suddenly remembered and immediately asked Freyja to come over. “Mom, this is Freyja Pruitt.” Freyja looked cautious. “Hello, Mrs. Goldmann.” Maisie smiled. “There’s no need to be nervous. I don't bite. Daisie mentioned you when she was in Yaramoor and said that you helped her a lot. I’ve always wanted to meet you.” Freyja lowered her head. “It’s nothing.” “It’s important to me.” Freyja was surprised and looked up into Maisie’s eyes. Maisie looked at her. “Before Daisie started working, everyone at home pampered her. When she and Colton went abroad to study, I was worried she would be manipulated, just like Lisa did. “However, you’ve greatly helped her in Yaramoor and treated her sincerely. I appreciate you.” Freyja smiled. “Daisie was nice to me first and helped me too.” Daisie grabbed Maisie’s arm. “Mom, do you finally

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