Chapter 1903

Maisie knew that Colton would even criticize his father, but she was also well aware of his personality. He wouldn’t just criticize someone without reason. When he hated Lisa, he would just ignore her instead of attacking her. That proved he would simply ignore the people he hated, but those that he would criticize meant something else. Freyja saw that Maisie was staring at her and felt chills running down her spine. She felt uneasy. Freyja and Colton’s relationship was complicated, and she didn’t want anyone to know about that, especially the Goldmanns. Daisie wanted to help her, but the Goldmanns might think that Freyja was complaining to Daisie. Colton would probably think the same. She thought that wasn’t too bad. It would at least end their complicated relationship so that she could just keep all that in her heart. At that moment, Maisie suddenly spoke. “Freyja, come to have dinner with us with Daisie. You came all the way to Bassburgh for her and aren’t familiar with thi

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