Chapter 1917

“This was for Colton.” Freyja was surprised. She lifted the cover and stared at the keys. “He plays the piano?” She wouldn’t have guessed that. She had been under the impression that Colton had always been a business person and didn’t know about his other interests. This was a side of him that she never knew about. Daisie said Colton was very musically talented and even went to the Royal Academy of Music. He could have become a musician but gave up because he had to take over the family business. Freyja was shocked. “That’s such a waste.” “It is, but that was his own choice.” Daisie looked down. Since Waylon had chosen to train with their great-grandfather overseas, Colton had to give up on music. Even though dreams were important, they had burdens to bear as Goldmanns. Freyja looked at her and seemed to understand why she wanted to be independent. It was because of her two brothers. She had always been pampered at home, but that didn’t make her a spoiled brat. She probably

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