Chapter 1918

That friendliness only extended to strangers and not friends. Friends showed emotions, but Colton never paid attention to her emotions. Even if her father never asked for his opinion before speaking to Nolan, he didn’t say much about it. “I’m curious about the kind of woman that would interest you.” Colton looked around. “Is it that important to you?” Giselle was honest. “If I’m not even in your consideration, I’m curious about the woman that you would fall for. She must be much better than I am.” And maybe that was the reason he never thought about her that way. If that woman was really outstanding, Giselle wouldn’t feel so bad about it. Colton was silent. There were a lot of outstanding women. Giselle, for example, was one of them. She came from a great family and was disciplined and always learning. She was a good example of a lady. A woman like her would be a great wife because she would be able to manage the household and help him with his business, but if a woman had

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