Chapter 1923

“Mitchell from Zestar is looking for my identity. I think he wants to get back on his feet by selling my information to the media, but I can't come forward and settle the problem.” The chairman understood what Nollace wanted. “So, you want me to help you settle this problem?” He nodded. “You’re the chairman of Tenet Media, and you’re considered an influential figure in the entertainment industry. You're the best candidate to step in and solve this problem, and…” He paused for a few seconds and rhythmically tapped on the mirror's side. “If Mitchell manages to get back on his feet through the media, it’ll also affect Tenet Media. After all, I’m the one who exposed the scandal between him and Susan. Besides, I am a shareholder of Tenet, and the public might not be happy when they learn about it.” The chairman knew what he was talking about. Mitchell had bullied Daisie while shooting the film together. Initially, it was just a small matter, but after the incident went out of hand and

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