Chapter 1924

Susan did not want to wait until her contract expired. This was because it would be too late, and she wouldn't have any chance anymore if she returned to the entertainment industry at that time. She did not have a good family background like Daisie did. She had to rely on herself to get the things she wanted, so now that there was a chance in front of her, she had to grab it. “Alright. I’ll help you.” Mitchell stretched his arm forward and put it above her hand. Then, he said meaningfully, “I’ve already helped you, Susan. It’s time for you to help me back.” When Susan saw that he still wanted to take advantage of her when she was at the bottom of the barrel, she felt disgusted. However, she had to hold back her anger as she still needed him. … Charlie handed the script of the variety show to Daisie. Daisie took it, flipped through it, and then she was stunned. “What is this?” Charlie said, “Our chairman wants you to participate in this variety show. Right now, all media outlets

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