Chapter 1925

Just when Freyja was about to say something, her phone rang. She pulled her phone out, and she was stunned. It was Colton. Daisie glanced at her phone and smiled. “Well, speak of the devil.” Freyja went outside of the office to answer the phone. Daisie knew that Freyja wouldn’t dare to answer the phone in front of her, so she did not follow after her. When she turned around, she accidentally knocked the purse off the table. When she squatted down to pick the purse from the floor, a box of contraceptive pills fell out of the purse. Daisie picked the box of pills up and was stunned. Freyja returned to the office after finishing the call. She saw that Daisie was reading her script behind the table, so she did not disturb her. Daisie looked at Freyja. She was busy working in front of her computer. When the box of pills came into her mind, she pressed her lips tightly. She wanted to ask Freyja about it, but she couldn’t muster enough strength to ask the question. Perhaps she an

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