Chapter 1926

Nollace paused for a split second and frowned. “She’s taking pills?” Daisie lowered her gaze. “It should be because Colton and Freyja don’t want a baby just yet. That’s why she’s taking those pills.” Nollace stared at her. ‘This silly girl is really too innocent and simple when it comes to this aspect of life. I'd love to enlighten her right here if it weren’t because it’s not the right time now.’ He gently rubbed the tip of her nose. “Dummy, taking those pills is very harmful to a woman’s body, and it’ll leave a great impact on a woman’s fertility in the future. If Colton cares about Freyja, he’ll definitely not allow her to take pills.” Daisie was dumbfounded. “Could it be that Freyja is secretly taking them without letting Colton know about it?” Nollace nodded. “Probably so.” Late at night, Nollace stood behind the French windows, starting over the dark and quiet courtyard. He glanced down at the text message on the screen of his phone. [Sorry, Mr. Knowles, we haven’t found

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