Chapter 1927

Daisie burst into laughter and played the video recording that she recorded on her phone to Susan. “I wonder what Mitchell will think when he sees this?” Susan’s expression changed instantly, and she rushed forward to snatch the phone. Daisie stepped back and put her hands behind her back. Susan threw herself into nothing and growled unwillingly, “Daisie Vanderbilt! How could you treat me like this? I’ve already begged you in such a manner! What do you want from me!?” Daisie took back the phone and glanced at her. “Are you really begging me? You’re only forced to beg me because I caught you in the act, isn’t that right?” Susan’s eyes turned bloodshot. “What’s the difference? Daisie Vanderbilt, I’ve been shelved by Zestar and have reached this point in my life. What else do you want me to do?” “Yeah, you’ve reached this point, but you still refuse to stop.” Daisie laughed. “Then why should I do as you wish?” She walked to the desk and called the front desk on the landline. Susan’

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