Chapter 1932

Nollace sat in front of the computer, analyzing some data while knocking his knuckles on the desk. Edison sent him a text. [Sir, we have intel that Donald is still alive.] He picked up the phone, read the text, and frowned. Even though he expected Donald to be alive, when it was confirmed, it made things tense. Donald was the worst enemy he had ever dealt with. Ken Pruitt wasn’t half as vicious as he was. It had taken him so much effort to drag him down, but he managed to break out of prison after half a year of incarceration. The police had been hunting for him for a month with tracker dogs and finally found his prison clothes next to a cliff. They had blood on them and were badly frayed, but there was no body. Donald’s death wasn’t confirmed at that time, but if he was going to break out of prison, he wouldn’t die. Nollace replied: [Keep an eye on that.] He placed his phone down and rubbed his temples. The light shone on his face and cast a shadow, making him look tired.

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