Chapter 1933

Daisie looked disappointed, but when she remembered what Freyja said, she pressed her lips together and braced herself. “Nolly, can I ask you a question?” He nodded. He didn’t know how to face her under these circumstances. Daisie looked at him and sounded very serious as she asked, “Do you have a dysfunction?” The air suddenly froze, and the silence was nerve-wracking. Nollace turned to look at her. “What?” Daisie looked away while she blushed. “I’m testing you like this, yet you haven’t done anything, so do you have a dysfunct—” Before she could finish, Nollace had already climbed on top of her and pressed his finger on her lip. He pretended to be angry. “So, you think that I have a performance issue?” Daisie looked away. Nollace raised her chin. “Daisie, you shouldn’t question a man without proof when it comes to this. You might regret it.” “Why?” Her eyes were so clean they were spotless. Even though she tested him this way, she was still as clean as a sheet of paper.

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