Chapter 1942

Meanwhile, at Blackgold… Leonardo handed Colton the copyright contracts of several books that they had signed with an oversea online novel platform company and asked with a puzzled tone, “Mr. Goldmann, what do you plan to do with these contracts now that you’ve bought the copyrights of all these books in one go?” He raised his gaze slightly. “This is none of your business. Just tell that company that since I’ve bought all the copyrights, they’re not allowed to abuse the hard work of the authors of these books in any name.” Colton had made himself clear, so Leonardo did not dare to ask more and could only do as he ordered. He walked out of the office and ran into Giselle at the elevator's entrance. Leonardo smiled and stepped forward. “Ms. Peterson.” Giselle had a few documents in her hand and nodded. “Mr. Goldmann’s in, isn’t he?” “Yes, are you here to submit the reports? However, someone from the finance department will usually deliver them here, so you don’t have to do everyth

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