Chapter 1943

Freyja smiled. “It’s okay. You’re the one who said I’m still young, aren’t you? It’s not like I can no longer write anymore.” Daisie leaned on the back of the couch. “But this still pisses me off. This is nothing but straight-up oppression!” ‘I’ll let the fact that Freyja’s copyright still belongs to the company even after the termination of her contract slide, but the main thing is that she can’t even get a penny for something that belongs to her. Such a company should just run out of business and go bankrupt!’ Freyja sat down beside her. “Daisie, don’t you like that script a lot? You should take it.” She paused for a bit and lowered her gaze. “But...” ‘The reason I didn’t accept it is that the story's copyright belongs to Freyja, yet some other b*stard is going to get all her glory because of this. ‘So no matter how much I like the script, I won’t accept it.’ Freyja knew that Daisie was worried about her and placed her palm on the back of her hand. “Even though the copyright i

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