Chapter 1944

As such, it was not surprising that she would come to meet her after finding out about her relationship with Colton. Giselle only drank tea but did not eat anything. “Why haven’t you made it public? Is there any concern on your part?” The questions seemed to have a more implicit meaning. If the feelings between two people were sincere and justifiable, they would naturally make their relationship public. And if they chose not to make it public, it was not justifiable, or their family background was too disparate. The atmosphere was silent for a moment, and Freyja responded very calmly, “Why didn’t you ask him in person the reason he hasn’t made our relationship public? I think that if he was willing to tell you, you wouldn’t have to come looking for me.” Giselle paused for a split second, seeming a little surprised. She had assumed that Freyja would also care about the disparity in their background, which was why she did not dare to disclose their relationship. After all, Colton

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