Chapter 1950

Colton added, “Yes, Mom. Nollace has stayed back at the scene to deal with them. There’s no way that they’re getting away with this.” Maisie took a deep breath to calm herself down. At that moment, the doctor came out of the ward. Nolan stepped forward and asked, “How’s my daughter doing?” The doctor replied, “There are a few mild bone fractures and traumas, but fortunately, they didn’t harm any vital organ. The patient will need some time to recuperate, and...” He paused for a few seconds and said softly, “Other than that, the patient hasn’t been violated, so please don’t worry about that.” Daisie was sent to the hospital with her clothes in pieces and a mess. Thus, everyone knew and understood what had happened. It was only natural for the doctor to examine that and give her family a detailed explanation. And once there was such a possibility, he would have to call the police immediately after extracting the semen of the suspect. In the eyes of doctors, reputation had always b

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