Chapter 1951

Daisie rested her hand on top of Freyja. “There’s no need to feel guilty. I’m fine now, right?” Freyja replied. “You were just lucky, but what if it happens again?” Daisie pressed her lips together and looked down. “I’ll be more careful.” “I’ve asked for a few days off from Charlie, and he wants you to rest well. As for news about Mitchell abducting you, it hasn’t gotten to the press yet. Otherwise, it would have shaken Bassburgh.” Mitchell had played with fire and gotten burned. He would face charges, especially after the abduction. That would be the end of him. … After Colton walked out of the police station, he saw Nollace’s car parked not too far away. He walked over, and the back window slowly rolled down. Before Nollace spoke, Colton asked, “You didn’t hand Susan and Mitchell over to the police?” Only the four men were locked up for now, and they had admitted to their crimes, but Susan and Mitchell were nowhere to be seen. Nollace gave off a mysterious smile. “Do you th

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