Chapter 1952

Once Nollace walked into the villa with Freyja, he nodded toward Maisie. “Mrs. Goldmann.” Freyja greeted her too. “Hello, Mrs. Goldmann.” She didn’t want to come, but Daisie had just been discharged from the hospital, and it would be impolite if she didn’t show up. Furthermore, no one would suspect anything if she went over with her cousin. Maisie looked at her and smiled. “I’m glad you’re here. Make yourself at home.” Freyja walked to Daisie, who tugged at her sleeve and leaned in. “When are you going to tell my mom that you and Colton— Mm!” Freyja covered her mouth. Nollace looked toward them, smiled, then stopped next to Maisie. “Let me help you.” Maisie paused, then smiled and patted his shoulder. “Alright then, thanks.” He nodded. “Don’t mention it.” Daisie brought Freyja upstairs and bumped into Colton, who was coming out of the study. Colton looked at Freyja, who was standing next to Daisie, and froze before walking forward. Freyja held onto Daisie's arm and avoided

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