Chapter 1953

However, this beast was as tall as her on its hind legs, looking pretty scary. “Ah!” Colton, who had just gotten to the backyard, heard her voice and ran over. He then witnessed Goldbar pushing Freyja down to the ground. She closed her eyes in fear, but Goldbar seemed to like her a lot and started licking her face. Colton put his hand to his forehead. “Goldbar!” Goldbar heard someone call it and turned toward Colton. In the next instant, it sat down, looking innocent. Colton helped Freyja up and cleaned her face with a napkin while giving a warning. “Goldbar, you’re not allowed to kiss her.” Freyja was rendered speechless. Goldbar gave out a low howl in protest. Freyja pushed Colton away, got up, brushed the dirt from her clothes, and looked awkward. “I thought it was going to bite.” She had been under the impression that big dogs were vicious. Colton patted Goldbar’s head. “Bite her.” Goldbar looked at him, then at Freyja. Freyja angrily shoved him. “Colton!” Colto

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