Chapter 195

Willow did not expect this woman to show up here. ‘D*mn it! Is she here with Maisie?’ A faint hint of viciousness flashed across her eyes. Louis subconsciously felt that Ryleigh looked rather familiar. Upon closer inspection, was she not the woman who had brought the two kids to the Michelin restaurant that day? “Ryleigh!” Mrs. Boucher was afraid that she would do something foolish and reminded her, “She’s Aunty Lucas’ niece.” “What?” Ryleigh was flustered. ‘How is Willow Aunty Larissa’s niece? Could she be the daughter of the de Armas that the Lucases plan to announce tonight?’ “Aunty, Aunty Larissa, are you mistaken? How could she be—” Russell pulled Ryleigh aside and interrupted her, “Keep quiet, don’t make a fool out of yourself!” Ryleigh flung his hand away. “Dad, why would you think that I’m fooling around? That woman is the illegitimate daughter of the Vanderbilts, and her mother is Zee’s stepmother, Leila Scott!” Ryleigh’s voice was not loud, but everyone who was on th

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