Chapter 196

Louis did not even look at Willow. His gaze then landed on the two figures that slowly appeared from the crowd. Not only his but Larissa and Mrs. Boucher’s gazes were also attracted by them. “Mr. Goldmann? Why is he here?” “Is the relationship between the Goldmanns and the Lucases so close that Mr. Goldmann would attend the Lucases’ banquet?” “Could the person standing next to Mr. Goldmann be his woman?” Maisie wrapped Nolan’s arm and walked in beside him. She was wearing a dark green evening gown with naked shoulders—the waistline and split dress design made the whole dress look vivid. She had tied the long hair behind her into a fishtail braid, and the cold and indifferent yet unparalleled appearance made her look unforgettable for anyone who had seen her in person. And while she was walking beside Nolan, who looked exceptionally regal, charming, and attractive, it made them look like a match made in heaven. “Zee!” Ryleigh felt ecstatic after seeing Maisie appear from the cro

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