Chapter 1960

However, she felt it was worth it when she looked at the photos. “Nolly is so handsome. It’d be nice if I could pounce at him.” At that moment, Nollace pushed the door open and came into the room. He saw that she was looking at the photos and heard her bold statement as well. He stopped beside the bed and leaned over, propping his hand on her side to get close to her. “I see, so you have been craving my body for so long.” Daisie froze, and her face instantly turned red with embarrassment. Slowly, she turned her head around to meet his gaze. Nollace was so close to her right now that she could feel his breath on her skin. His pupils were light in color, but she felt like they were whirlpools sucking her in. “I… I was just speaking nonsense.” Nollace lifted her chin with his finger and said, “Well, you can do that to me if you want.” Daisie’s eyelashes fluttered. She averted her gaze and said, “Umm… I’m not ready yet.” She was mentally prepared last time, but because she helped h

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