Chapter 1961

Colton had given Freyja the chance. He believed that she would not disappoint him with her stubborn and unyielding personality. At this time, at Tenet… When Daisie learned that Freyja had won the opportunity to cooperate with a publisher, she was exhilarated. “I knew it, Freyja. You’re so talented, so you can definitely do it.” Freyja was brewing coffee. “You’re really a pro when it comes to flattering me. I’ll be very ashamed to come back to you if I fail.” Daisie supported her chin in one hand. “Failure is a stepping stone that leads to success. If you’ve never experienced any failure, how can you find success? Am I right?” She smiled and turned to look at her. “You’re right.” Just as she was about to drink coffee, she suddenly felt nauseated. She placed the coffee down and dashed straight to the bathroom. She then leaned forward on the toilet bowl and threw up all the breakfast she had eaten in the morning. “Freyja, are you alright?” Daisie asked worriedly outside the toilet.

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