Chapter 1967

One of them was the Godfather who controlled the entire underground scene of Ora, Fabio Puzo, and the other was the biggest crime boss in East Eurasia, Sunny Southern. Nollace rested his head on his hand and leaned against the window. “If he can hide there, he must have some help.” Edison remembered something. “By the way, Mrs. Pruitt is here.” Nollace looked out the window. “I knew my aunt wouldn’t just let things rest. Tell Colton about this. He should protect his woman.” At the hospital… Freyja threw up so much that she went to the doctor to get some medication. When she got the medication, a call came through. The name of the caller made her frown. She never contacted her father, so a discomfort crawled up her skin. She picked up, and her father anxiously asked, “Fey, have you seen your mother?” Freyja froze on the spot. “What did you say?” Brandon said, “After your mom found out that you were with Young Mr. Goldmann, she left home without telling me. She must have come

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