Chapter 1968

Colton smirked and leaned back in his seat. “Did you come to ask for help after your role was taken?” She paused, then looked up. “Who said that? Do you think I need your help?” He squinted. “Then why are you here? Just to bring pastries and visit me?” Ever since she joined the entertainment industry, she rarely visited Blackgold. It was suspicious that she suddenly showed up. Daisie smiled widely. “I’m just here to congratulate you. Aren’t you happy?” Colton frowned. “What about?” Daisie’s smile dropped, and she suddenly slammed the pastry box on the desk. “Coleman Goldmann, how could you be like that?” 'Freyja is pregnant! How can he not be happy!?' She must have been very angry to call him by his full name. Colton was shocked, but he frowned. “What are you talking about?” ‘What did I do to make her angry?’ However, seeing how Colton was clueless, Daisie froze. “Freyja… didn’t tell you the surprise?” Colton was curious. “What surprise?” Daisie pressed her hands on the de

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