Chapter 1969

Freyja noticed Deedee was shuddering in her arms. She bit her lip and stood up. “Mom, I think you’re the one who neglected her. I’ve always been the one who cared for her since she was a baby. You, an elder and her grandmother, how could you say any of that?” Sandy walked over, raised her hand, and slapped her on her face. Her face turned, and there was a deep palm print on it. Deedee started crying. “Grandma! Please don’t hit Aunt Fey.” Sandy shoved her away, and Deedee stopped crying after falling to the floor. Freyja ignored the pain on her face and helped Deedee up. Her eyes were cold. “Mom, you shouldn’t treat her that way. She’s the child of your son.” Sandy smirked. “What’s the point of a daughter? She’ll end up just like you.” That made Freyja freeze on the spot. Her mother hated her since she was a child just because she was a girl? Sandy glared at Deedee, who was shaking, then at Freyja. “Do the Goldmanns know of this kid’s existence?” Freyja didn’t answer. Sandy

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