Chapter 1970

Colton carried Freyja in his arms and was going to leave when Sandy blocked him. “As long as she’s my daughter, our relationship will not change. Mr. Goldmann, you can’t deny that.” Colton smirked and looked at her coldly. “Don’t be too confident about that. You don’t get to decide if we accept you.” He then walked away with Freyja in his arms. Sandy glared at them as they walked away. She then looked toward Deedee, who had her head low and didn’t speak because she was very much afraid of her. She walked forward and pinched her cheeks. “You better behave if you want to spend time with her. Get it?” Deedee didn’t dare say that it hurt but just nodded in fear. Meanwhile, Colton carried Freyja all the way to the car. He saw how pale and uncomfortable she looked, so he asked Leonardo to drive her to the hospital. Freyja immediately stopped him. “Not the hospital.” Colton held her chin and looked at her pale face. “How could we not go to the hospital when you look like that?” The

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