Chapter 1998

Daisie heaved a sigh of relief because she was glad he didn’t believe it. Nollace suddenly pulled her into his arms and pressed his slightly cold hand on her cheek. “But, are you not going to explain yourself?” She started sweating. He said he didn’t believe it, but he was angry! “I’m just friends with Zephy.” “Zephy…” Nollace’s expression changed ever so slightly, then raised her chin. “I thought you’d only call me in such a way.” He didn’t look angry, but Daisie could feel that it was getting tricky, so she grabbed his hand and was anxious. “That was different. I really see him as a friend.” Nollace leaned in closer to her. “When did you meet?” Daisie looked away. “You went back to Yaramoor, so I have the right to meet people.” She started feeling annoyed as she said that. Nollace pressed his lips together because she was still angry about what he had said all those years ago. He hadn’t wanted to involve her in his problems, which was why he had said that when they were at

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