Chapter 1999

Daisie had a great meal and finally laid down her cutlery. “Nolly, do you care what people online are saying?” He looked up and touched her face after a long pause. “I don’t because I’m the one who’s by your side.” Those speculations were all made up. Daisie looked a little disappointed. She was hoping to make things public, even if Donald found out. At least she could work things out with Nollace instead of hiding behind him whenever trouble arose. Nollace leaned in closer to her because he seemed to have noticed her emotions and placed his hand on the top of her head. “We’ll get a chance to go public. When that happens, I’ll let the whole world know that I’m the man behind Ms. Best Actress.” Daisie looked into his light eyes and only saw herself in there. “Are you going to face Donald?” He didn’t speak. Daisie turned away. “I knew it. There must be a reason behind this candlelight dinner.” Nollace smiled. “How would you know?” She said with full conviction, “A woman’s inst

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