Chapter 2000

After Nollace left Bassburgh, Daisie returned to the Goldmann mansion. Taylorton was empty without him there. She was lonely there by herself, but more importantly, she was very worried about him. Freyja could tell that she had a lot on her mind, so she sat next to her. “Nollace wouldn’t let anything happen to him. He’s such a smart man, so he must be very confident.” Daisie picked up the coffee and took a sip before mumbling. “Does he really think that he can do everything?” Freyja smirked. “He never failed to do anything that he wanted. You know that.” Daisie pressed her lips together and didn’t answer. At that moment, Freyja received a call. The caller said something which made her expression change and stand up. “What? Deedee is missing!?” Daisie and Freyja went to the Seaview Villa together. The nanny had looked in every corner of the house but couldn’t find her. Freyja ran out of the car and grabbed the nanny’s shoulders. “When did she go missing?” The nanny said apolo

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