Chapter 2008

If Deedee really flicked the girl on purpose with a rubber band, there must be a reason behind that. Unexpectedly, Deedee blurted out, “I don’t like her.” Freyja was stunned and frowned. “You flicked her with a rubber band only because you don’t like her?” Deedee refuted loudly, “She’s the one who pushed me first!” “Deedee!” Freyja yelled at her abruptly as the atmosphere got tense in the room. When she subconsciously returned to her senses, Deedee had already run out of the room. Freyja went downstairs after her. “Deedee, don’t run—” Her stomach cramped all of a sudden, causing her to stop at the entryway. The nanny immediately stepped forward to support her. “Young lady!” Freyja gnashed her teeth, and beads of cold sweat rolled down her forehead and cheeks. “Go after Deedee…” Colton received a call and hurried back to the villa. After listening to what had happened from the nanny, he walked into the bedroom with a sullen expression. Freyja was leaning against the head of t

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