Chapter 2009

Sandy pulled the chair over, sat down, and sneered. “What’s wrong? Has that aunt of yours started to despise you and kicked you out?” She finally found out where Freyja was living and thought about how to find them without letting Colton find out about her plan. She did not expect to run into Deedee, who had run away from the villa. Deedee shook her head timidly. Sandy stood up, walked in front of her, and pinched her chin. “Deedee, if you listened to me back then, why would I hit you willingly? And if it weren’t for Nollace Knowles, why would your parents leave you behind? “And that aunt of yours. Before we came here, I already told you that she’d ignore you as long as she got married to that man, but you just wouldn’t believe in what I said.” Deedee burst into tears and sobbed softly. “A-Aunty Freyja didn’t say that she doesn’t want to keep me anymore… It’s just that Aunty Freyja now has a baby.” Sandy was astonished, then squinted her eyes immediately. “Is what you said true?”

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