Chapter 2026

The man was reading the news. He lifted his cup when his servant leaned to his ear. “Master Cameron is back, sir.” The man hummed and finished his tea slowly. He raised his head just in time to catch a dashing young man striding into his courtyard with his hands on his back, who raised his brow and hollered, “Miss me yet, pops?” The man placed a cover on his teacup and frowned. “Forgot your manners now that you’ve been seeing the world for a while?” His attention drifted to Nollace standing behind him, and he froze. He turned back to the papers and rose to his feet suddenly, grumbling, “God! I gave you one job, brat. I told you to make money, but the only currency you’re good at is trouble, isn’t it? You keep bringing freaks home!” Nollace narrowed his eyes but did not say anything. The youth circled behind the man and started massaging the latter’s shoulders. “Whoa! Calm down, Dad. I saved him while I was at the sea, okay? You told me nobody sane and good would think saving a lif

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