Chapter 2027

Naturally, the Skull Club had no problem working with Donald. Their feud was with his father several decades ago, not the son. Better yet, Donald loved raining money—he simply favored power more than wealth. If burning a hole through his wallet meant making friends in high places, then he would go through with that without batting an eye. There was truth to his method. Had he been even a little more frugal, his entertainment business would have never flown this high. Who was the Skull Club to refuse his overgenerous offer of money? The Skull Club’s assistance and his identity as Matthews Sr.’s son allowed him to run to the Eastern Islands. There, he revealed who he was—instead of lying low—to secure a haven. As long as he remained within the Islands, the police would be powerless to catch him. Nollace flashed a perfunctory smile. “You didn’t help him?” Sunny set his cup on the table. “I helped Matthews Sr. because he’s a greedy pig at worst. He was never a murderer. He never kill

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