Chapter 2031

Daisie recalled something and pouted. “If he’s safe, why hasn’t he contacted me or returned?” Didn’t he know how worried she was? She really thought that she would never see him again. Waylon sighed. “He wouldn’t feel safe to be with you as long as Donald is alive. “Daisie, Nollace pays a lot of attention to details. He wouldn’t put his life in danger if he wasn’t sure. He wants to be with you, so he’ll have to remove all obstacles first. You have to trust him.” Daisie looked down. She knew what was on Nollace’s mind. He would always protect her. No matter what he did, even if he had his flaws, he had never hurt her. She didn’t need to love a perfect man as long as it was Nollace. Nicholas tossed the bait into the water, which started a ripple and slowly said. “That child was very lucky.” Waylon chuckled. “He is. How do you even escape when you’ve been pulled underwater? Mr. Southern even saved him.” “Mr. Souther?” Nicholas paused and squinted while he searched his memory. “He’

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