Chapter 2032

Nollace looked up. “Mr. Southern.” He was wearing riding gear with brown boots and was carrying a red horsewhip that looked brilliant under the sun. He looked skinny, his waist and shoulders looked different from other men, and even though he was 5’7’’, he looked weak. He played with the horsewhip while looking at the crowd. “If you want to join in, I could get them to teach you something, but you might not be able to handle it.” Nollace smiled and rolled up his sleeves, then walked down the stairs. “If you’re willing to teach, I’m willing to learn. I don’t mind learning more.” Cameron crossed his arms and squinted. This man from Yaramoor was keen on learning. When the students saw Cameron walking over, they stopped. “Sir.” Cameron waved his hand and said, “This is No—” “Neal Beck.” Nollace cut him off and calmly said, “My name.” Cameron realized that Nollace didn’t want to expose his identity, so he played along. “Alright, Mr. Beck would like to learn from you. I hope you sh

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