Chapter 2034

Nolan put his hand to his forehead. “Your identity will attract too much attention.” It wasn’t just her looks—anyone who had seen the news would know her identity as a famous actress and a Goldmann. Daisie smiled. “I’ll wear a disguise then. Playing a character won't be too hard.” Nolan could only agree because he couldn’t win over that argument. After a few days, Saydie and Waylon were ready. There wasn’t an airport on the East Islands. The furthest a plane could get to would be at the coastal town in the nearby country, and from there, visitors would have to take a boat over. The boat docked at the pier, and Saydie walked out of it, then leaned against the car while waiting for Waylon. “The ship will sail in 15 minutes.” Waylon looked at his watch, and it was already 10:00 a.m. At that moment, Daisie, who was late, came with her luggage and called out to them. “Waylon, Aunt Saydie.” Saydie turned around and was surprised. “Daisie?” Waylon looked toward her and laughed. S

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