Chapter 2035

Sunny looked up. “I’ll temporarily hand over the authority of The Commune to you.” Nollace was surprised, then he squinted. “The Commune? Isn’t that under The Serpents’ management?” Sunny picked up his teacup again. “Honestly, The Serpents have been changing. I care about our past relationship, but if they are going to betray that, I’m going to break them.” Nollace smiled. “You trust me?” Sunny sighed. “If you want to get rid of Donald, you’ll have to get rid of The Serpents first. The leader of The Serpents is a friend of Fabio Puzo. I know that, but I can’t do anything. Puzo has spies in The Serpents, so if I do anything to them, I will be giving Puzo a chance to get The Serpents to turn against me.” Nollace said, “But if I do anything, they will know that you are behind it, and they will still suspect you.” “Don’t worry about that. Neal Beck is a guest who was brought back by Cam. I’ve made up your identity and arranged for you to take over The Commune. The Serpents won't know

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