Chapter 2042

The next day, Daisie looked for Waylon in the room next to hers. She was about to knock when she realized the door was not exactly closed. She peered through the lean crack and saw Waylon talking to a man in front of his window. “You sure that was Neal Beck?” The man nodded. “Yes. I dug a little deeper, too. All they know it’s that he’s some sort of VIP Cameron Southern met while conducting business abroad. He was obviously very well-regarded, considering how Mr. Southern later made him the governor of The Commune—traditionally The Serpents’ territory.” Waylon narrowed his eyes. ‘Neal Beck… A stranger the Southern heir brought home.’ Had he not already known Nollace was rescued by Cameron, he would have never suspected ‘Neal Beck’ to be a pseudonym. This Neal had to be Nollace. “Please continue your work. See if you can gather more useful information.” The man gave a small nod. “Understood.” Daisie ducked behind the wall the moment the man turned. When the door was yanked op

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